Admission Requirements


MODERN SCHOOL SYSTEM & COLLEGE (MSS) has pre-defined procedures for registration of both local and overseas students. MSS considers all applications equally, without the discriminations of gender, disability, and social or ethnic origin.

Applicants must meet the requirement of each MSS course they are seeking to join. Application forms and entry requirement may be obtained from the academic department at the college campus or on the MSS website. To apply online click here.  Apply Online

National student registration procedure

National students requiring admission are given an application form to complete and return students requiring admission are given an application form to complete and return  to the college along with attached certified copies of their academic documents, including certificates and, where available, formal transcripts of their academic, record, providing full details of the degrees, classes, or grades obtained including the units taken along with two academic or work references.

This information is crucial to the selection process.

A formal interview is scheduled with the Director Academics before the student admission. The administration has the right to accept or reject the application without bringing out any reason.

MSS provides education for students from all over the world. Students belong to different cultures and derive from varied backgrounds. Each enriches the uniques MSS educational environment. The college can be contacted through its website, e-mail or face-to-face on campus