Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


MSS Counselors provide several services to the school community

  • One-on-one student counseling to help with personal struggles emotional growth and peer relationships.
  • Contact point for questions or concerns for new students and parents to the mss community both prior to enrollment and once the student has begun attending classes.
  • Our MSS Counselling section works directly under the director Administration.
  • We are working extensively to contact potential employees to accommodate our students after completion of their programs.
  • Our Career Counselling service if free to our passing out students.


MSS is committed to the following obligation for disabled persons:

  • The MSS will not provide a lower standard of service.
  • The MSS will not offer less favorable terms.
  • The MSS will not refuse service.
  • The MSS will remove/alter physical barriers.
  • The MSS will provide extra help and services.
  • The MSS will change policies, practices, and procedures which cause difficulty.

Discipline Rules


  • Shall be loyal to the country with unflinching belief in the ideology of Pakistan.
  • Shall have regard for the prestige of their institution.
  • Shall have decent behavior with fellow students.
  • Shall not leave the class without permission.
  • Shall not damage the school property.
  • Shall obey the order of Chief Executive, Principal, and Teachers.
  • Shall not carry/keep weapon of any kind within the social activities and sectarian dispute within the college.
  • Shall abide by the assignment, presentations, and Quiz is given by the teacher.

The Quality Assurance Procedures (QAP)

The Quality Assurance Procedures are intended to build upon existing good practice with the college and to secure the best quality of its educational provision its key components cover procedures in respect of :

  • Proper and efficient student registration
  • Validating new study schemes
  • Modifying existing study schemes
  • Identifying and recommending learning resources 
  • Monitoring student feedback and support
  • Recording student progression
  • Assessing and monitoring teaching 
  • Monitoring and ensuring best staff development opportunities
  • Oversight of student welfare